Commit 86598d87 authored by Martin Mareš's avatar Martin Mareš


parent a5a947d4
......@@ -48,17 +48,3 @@ OSPF
- RFC1587 NSSA areas
- RFC2370 opaque LSA's
- respect interface MTU and try not to create larger packets unless unavoidable
Last minute stuff:
Martin: DOC: korektury
DOC: typograficky doladit, vyrobit titulni stranku (ta, co ji vygeneruji SGMLtools, vypada priserne)
progdoc: dopsat coding convention a jmena typu
Pavel: filtry: programatorska dokumentace
filtry: opravit chybove hlasky !!!
DOC: dokoncit uzivatelskou dokumentaci (viz predchozi maily)
DOC: Pridat odkazy na RFC apod.
Feela: OSPF: programatorska dokumentace
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