Commit 738a57b6 authored by Ondřej Zajíček's avatar Ondřej Zajíček

Babel: Fix hello timeout for short hello intervals

parent b47eaefe
......@@ -355,21 +355,25 @@ babel_expire_ihu(struct babel_proto *p, struct babel_neighbor *nbr)
static void
babel_expire_hello(struct babel_proto *p, struct babel_neighbor *nbr)
babel_expire_hello(struct babel_proto *p, struct babel_neighbor *nbr, btime now_)
nbr->hello_map <<= 1;
if (nbr->hello_cnt < 16)
nbr->hello_expiry += nbr->last_hello_int;
/* We may expire multiple hellos if last_hello_int is too short */
if (nbr->hello_map && nbr->hello_expiry <= now_)
goto again;
TRACE(D_EVENTS, "Hello from nbr %I on %s expired, %d left",
nbr->addr, nbr->ifa->iface->name, u32_popcount(nbr->hello_map));
if (nbr->hello_map)
nbr->hello_expiry += nbr->last_hello_int;
babel_flush_neighbor(p, nbr);
......@@ -389,7 +393,7 @@ babel_expire_neighbors(struct babel_proto *p)
babel_expire_ihu(p, nbr);
if (nbr->hello_expiry && nbr->hello_expiry <= now_)
babel_expire_hello(p, nbr);
babel_expire_hello(p, nbr, now_);
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