Commit 65194bd1 authored by Ondřej Zajíček's avatar Ondřej Zajíček

Removes workaround related to import of kernel device routes.

Thanks to Benjamin Cama for notification.
parent 204e0d5d
......@@ -862,19 +862,6 @@ nl_parse_route(struct nlmsghdr *h, int scan)
ra.dest = RTD_DEVICE;
* In Linux IPv6, 'native' device routes have proto
* RTPROT_BOOT and not RTPROT_KERNEL (which they have in
* IPv4 and which is expected). We cannot distinguish
* 'native' and user defined device routes, so we ignore all
* such device routes and for consistency, we have the same
* behavior in IPv4. Anyway, users should use RTPROT_STATIC
* for their 'alien' routes.
if (i->rtm_protocol == RTPROT_BOOT)
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