Commit 5a64ac70 authored by Ondřej Filip's avatar Ondřej Filip

Introduction to configuration of OSPF.

parent c62d1c19
......@@ -1003,7 +1003,11 @@ that each router detects all changes.
<p>In the main part of configuration, there can be multiple definitions of
OSPF area witch different id included. These definitions includes many other
switches and mutliple definitions of interfaces. Definition of interface
may contain many switches and constant definitinons and list of neighbors
on nonbroadcast networks.
protocol ospf &lt;name&gt; {
......@@ -1447,4 +1451,4 @@ LocalWords: uninstalls ethernets IP binutils ANYCAST anycast dest RTD ICMP rfc
LocalWords: compat multicasts nonbroadcast pointopoint loopback sym stats
LocalWords: Perl SIGHUP dd mm yy HH MM SS EXT IA UNICAST multihop Discriminator txt
LocalWords: proto wildcard
\ No newline at end of file
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