Commit 44cb1449 authored by Martin Mareš's avatar Martin Mareš

The top-level Makefile is a generated file, so remove it from the repo.

parent c94d56cb
# Generated automatically from by configure.
# Makefile for in place build of BIRD
# (c) 1999--2000 Martin Mares <>
all depend tags install install-docs:
$(MAKE) -C $(objdir) $@
docs userdocs progdocs:
$(MAKE) -C doc $@
$(MAKE) -C $(objdir) clean
find . -name "*~" -or -name "*.[oa]" -or -name "\#*\#" -or -name TAGS -or -name core -or -name depend -or -name ".#*" | xargs rm -f
distclean: clean
$(MAKE) -C doc distclean
rm -rf $(objdir)
rm -f config.* configure sysdep/autoconf.h sysdep/paths.h Makefile
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