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......@@ -115,10 +115,6 @@ o Co se stane, kdyz filtr skonci, aniz by vydal verdikt?
o U kazdeho protokolu rici, jestli podporujeme pouze IPv4 nebo i IPv6 verzi.
o RIP: Vysvetlit, na ktere site se RIP hodi a na ktere ne, rici, ze je
hodnoty spise historicke, ale ze ve svete IPv6 se bezne pouziva, protoze
zatim neexistuji slusne implementace OSPFv3.
o RIP: Per-interface optiony uvadet tez jako definition list.
o RIP: U RIP-specific atributu zminit, jakeho jsou typu a jak vznikaji.
o passwords: syntaxe data uz, tusim, davno vypada jinak.
......@@ -98,6 +98,17 @@ it is slightly modified linuxdoc dtd. Anything in <descrip> tags is consi
configuration primitives, <cf> is fragment of configuration within normal text, <m> is
"meta" information within fragment of configuration -- something in config which is not keyword.
<sect1>Installing bird
<p>On unix system, installing bird should be as easy as:
make install
vi /usr/local/etc/bird.conf
<sect1>About routing tables
<p>Bird has one or more routing tables. Each routing table contains
......@@ -430,8 +441,9 @@ if 1234 = i then printn "."; else { print "*** FAIL: if 1 else"; }
<p>There are few functions you might find convenient to use:
<tag>print <m/expr/ [ <m/, expr .../ ]</tag>
prints given expressions, useful mainly while debugging filters.
<tag>print|printn <m/expr/ [ <m/, expr .../ ]</tag>
prints given expressions, useful mainly while debugging
filters. Printn variant does not go to new line.
terminates bird. Useful while debugging filter interpreter.
......@@ -530,7 +542,13 @@ interface metric, which is usually one). After some time, distance reaches infin
rip) and all routers know that network is unreachable. Rip tries to minimize situations where
counting to infinity is necessary, because it is slow. Due to infinity being 16, you can not use
rip on networks where maximal distance is bigger than 15 hosts. You can read more about rip at <HTMLURL
URL="">. Both IPv4 and IPv6 versions of rip are supported by BIRD.
<p>Rip is very simple protocol, and it is not too good. Slow
convergence, big network load and inability to handle bigger networks
makes it pretty much obsolete in IPv4 world. (It is still usable on
very small networks, through.) It is widely used in IPv6 world,
because they are no good implementations of OSPFv3.
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