Commit 2f711231 authored by Martin Mareš's avatar Martin Mareš

Killed bug in merging of dynamic attributes.

parent caab3bb3
......@@ -173,11 +173,12 @@ do_rte_announce(struct announce_hook *a, net *net, rte *new, rte *old, ea_list *
p->rt_notify(p, net, NULL, old, NULL);
else if (tmpa)
while (tmpa->next)
tmpa = tmpa->next;
tmpa->next = new->attrs->eattrs;
ea_list *t = tmpa;
while (t->next)
t = t->next;
t->next = new->attrs->eattrs;
p->rt_notify(p, net, new, old, tmpa);
tmpa->next = NULL;
t->next = NULL;
p->rt_notify(p, net, new, old, new->attrs->eattrs);
......@@ -763,6 +764,7 @@ rt_show_rte(struct cli *c, byte *ia, rte *e, struct rt_show_data *d, ea_list *tm
t = ea_append(t, a->eattrs);
tmpa = alloca(ea_scan(t));
ea_merge(t, tmpa);
if (a->proto->proto->get_route_info)
a->proto->proto->get_route_info(e, info, tmpa);
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