Commit 2cec475b authored by Martin Mareš's avatar Martin Mareš

Removed several unused local variables.

parent 2f711231
......@@ -758,8 +758,6 @@ rip_make_tmp_attrs(struct rte *rt, struct linpool *pool)
static void
rip_store_tmp_attrs(struct rte *rt, struct ea_list *attrs)
struct proto *p = rt->attrs->proto;
rt-> = ea_get_int(attrs, EA_RIP_TAG, 0);
rt-> = ea_get_int(attrs, EA_RIP_METRIC, 1);
......@@ -881,9 +879,6 @@ rip_init_config(struct rip_proto_config *c)
static int
rip_get_attr(eattr *a, byte *buf)
unsigned int i = EA_ID(a->id);
struct attr_desc *d;
switch (a->id) {
case EA_RIP_METRIC: buf += bsprintf( buf, "metric: %d", a-> ); return GA_FULL;
case EA_RIP_TAG: buf += bsprintf( buf, "tag: %d", a-> ); return GA_FULL;
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