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    Rewrote the kernel syncer. The old layering was horrible. · 2d140452
    Martin Mareš authored
    The new kernel syncer is cleanly split between generic UNIX module
    and OS dependent submodules:
      -  krt.c (the generic part)
      -  krt-iface (low-level functions for interface handling)
      -  krt-scan (low-level functions for routing table scanning)
      -  krt-set (low-level functions for setting of kernel routes)
    krt-set and krt-iface are common for all BSD-like Unices, krt-scan is heavily
    system dependent (most Unices require /dev/kmem parsing, Linux uses /proc),
    Netlink substitues all three modules.
    We expect each UNIX port supports kernel routing table scanning, kernel
    interface table scanning, kernel route manipulation and possibly also
    asynchronous event notifications (new route, interface state change;
    not implemented yet) and build the KRT protocol on the top of these
    primitive operations.
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