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	BIRD Programmer's Guide: Sysdeps

	(c) 2000 Martin Mares <>

<chapt>System dependent parts


<p>We've tried to make BIRD as portable as possible, but unfortunately
communication with the network stack differs from one OS to another,
so we need at least some OS specific code. The good news is that this
code is isolated in a small set of modules:

<tagp><tt/config.h/</tagp> is a header file with configuration information,
definition of the standard set of types and so on.
<tagp/Startup module/ controls BIRD startup. Common for a family of OS'es (e.g.,
for all Unices).
<tagp/Logging module/ manages the system logs. [per OS family]
<tagp/IO module/ gives an implementation of sockets, timers and the
global event queue. [per OS family]
<tagp/KRT module/ implements the Kernel and Device protocols. This
is the most arcane part of the system dependent stuff and some
functions differ even between various releases of a single OS.