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Unix: Remove removed option from help

Also includes minor cleanup of help.
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......@@ -639,16 +639,15 @@ display_help(void)
"Options: \n"
" -b Run bird in background\n"
" -c <config-file> Use given configuration file instead\n"
" of prefix/etc/bird.conf\n"
" -c <config-file> Use given configuration file instead of\n"
" -d Enable debug messages and run bird in foreground\n"
" -D <debug-file> Log debug messages to given file instead of stderr\n"
" -f Run bird in foreground\n"
" -g <group> Use given group ID\n"
" -h, --help Display this information\n"
" -l Look for a configuration file and a communication socket\n"
" file in the current working directory\n"
" -l Look for a configuration file and a control socket\n"
" in the current working directory\n"
" -p Test configuration file and exit without start\n"
" -P <pid-file> Create a PID file with given filename\n"
" -R Apply graceful restart recovery after start\n"
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