Commit 6f535924 authored by Ondřej Zajíček's avatar Ondřej Zajíček

Filter: Fix reconfiguration of roa_check()

parent 4278abfe
......@@ -1693,15 +1693,13 @@ i_same(struct f_inst *f1, struct f_inst *f2)
case P('a','f'):
case P('a','l'):
case P('a','L'): ONEARG; break;
#if 0
case P('R','C'):
/* Does not really make sense - ROA check resuls may change anyway */
/* Does not really make sense - ROA check results may change anyway */
if (strcmp(((struct f_inst_roa_check *) f1)->rtc->name,
((struct f_inst_roa_check *) f2)->rtc->name))
return 0;
bug( "Unknown instruction %d in same (%c)", f1->code, f1->code & 0xff);
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