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Merge branch 'rotate-stats' into 'master'

job_manager/rotate_ref_stats: script to generate reference data

See merge request !26
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# Create new statistics from finished ref jobs and submit new ref jobs
set -o errexit -o nounset -o xtrace
NEW_LABEL=$(date +%Y%m%d)
test -d ${JOBDIR}/ref_next
# create statistics for the finished set
${RESPDIFF_SRC}/contrib/job_manager/ ${JOBDIR}/ref_next
# submit new ref jobs to condor
${RESPDIFF_SRC}/contrib/job_manager/ -p 0 -c ${COUNT} $(${RESPDIFF_SRC}/contrib/job_manager/ ${NEW_VERSION} -l ${NEW_LABEL})
# make the finished reference set the current one
mv -T ${JOBDIR}/ref_{next,current}
# make the newly submitted ref set the next one
pushd ${JOBDIR}
ln -sf "${NEW_VERSION}-${NEW_LABEL}" ref_next
echo "Success!"
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