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......@@ -437,6 +437,17 @@ daemons or manipulated from other processes, making for example synchronised loa
.. note:: This may or may not clear the cache, depending on the used backend. See :func:`cachectl.clear()`.
.. function:: cache.stats()
Return table of statistics, note that this tracks all operations over cache, not just which
queries were answered from cache or not.
.. code-block:: lua
print('Insertions:', cache.stats().insert)
Timers and events
......@@ -487,6 +498,32 @@ For example, ``5 * hour`` represents five hours, or 5*60*60*100 milliseconds.
e = event.after(1 * minute, function() print('Hi!') end)
Scripting worker
Worker is a service over event loop that tracks and schedules outstanding queries,
you can see the statistics or schedule new queries.
.. function:: worker.stats()
Return table of statistics.
.. code-block:: lua
.. function:: worker.resolve(qname, qtype[, qclass])
:param string qname: Query name (e.g. 'com.')
:param string qtype: Query type (e.g. ``kres.type.NS``)
:param string qtype: Query class *(optional)* (e.g. ``kres.class.IN``)
:return: boolean
Resolve a query, there is currently no callback when its finished, but you can track the query
progress in layers, just like any other query.
.. _`JSON-encoded`:
.. _`Learn Lua in 15 minutes`:
.. _`PowerDNS Recursor`:
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