Commit e25358d4 authored by Marek Vavruša's avatar Marek Vavruša Committed by Marek Vavrusa

daemon/worker: allow large responses for outbound over TCP

By default the reassembly packet buffer is set to EDNS buffer size,
which is correct for UDP, but not for TCP which may accept any
allowed response size. This should be only used for responses to
outbound queries over TCP, not for inbound TCP queries.
parent 8fa95978
......@@ -970,6 +970,15 @@ int worker_process_tcp(struct worker_ctx *worker, uv_stream_t *handle, const uin
knot_pkt_t *pkt_buf = task->pktbuf;
if (task->bytes_remaining == 0 && pkt_buf->size == 0) {
/* Make sure we can process maximum packet sizes over TCP for outbound queries.
* Previous packet is allocated with mempool, so there's no need to free it manually. */
if (session->outgoing && pkt_buf->max_size < KNOT_WIRE_MAX_PKTSIZE) {
pkt_buf = knot_pkt_new(NULL, KNOT_WIRE_MAX_PKTSIZE, &task->req.pool);
if (!pkt_buf) {
return kr_error(ENOMEM);
task->pktbuf = pkt_buf;
/* Read only one byte as TCP fragment may end at a 1B boundary
* which would lead to OOB read or improper reassembly length. */
pkt_buf->size = 1;
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