Commit de6f492e authored by Marek Vavruša's avatar Marek Vavruša

lib/resolve: AD flag is set only for secure answers

if the final query isn’t satisfied with DNSSEC on,
then the answer counts as insecure
parent 2a9ed2ef
......@@ -191,8 +191,12 @@ static int answer_finalize(struct kr_request *request, int state)
/* Set AD=1 if succeeded and requested secured answer. */
if (state == KNOT_STATE_DONE && (request->options & QUERY_DNSSEC_WANT)) {
struct kr_rplan *rplan = &request->rplan;
if (state == KNOT_STATE_DONE && !EMPTY_LIST(rplan->resolved)) {
struct kr_query *last = TAIL(rplan->resolved);
if (last->flags & QUERY_DNSSEC_WANT) {
return kr_ok();
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