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Transport tests
- pip3 install -r requirements.txt
Executing tests
pytest-3 # sequential, all tests
pytest-3 # specific test only
pytest-3 -n 8 # parallel with 8 jobs - requires pytest-xdist
Python client tests for kresd
The tests run `/usr/bin/env kresd` (can be modified with `$PATH`) with custom config
and execute client-side testing, such as TCP / TLS connection management.
- pip3 install -r requirements.txt
Executing tests
Tests can be executed with the pytest framework.
.. code-block:: bash
$ pytest-3 # sequential, all tests (with exception of few special tests)
$ pytest-3 # specific test only
$ pytest-3 -s # turn on verbose logs even for successfull tests
It's highly recommended to run these tests in parallel, since lot of them
wait for kresd timeout. This can be don with `python-xdist`:
.. code-block:: bash
$ pytest-3 -n 24 # parallel with 24 jobs
Each test spawns an independent kresd instance, so test failures shouldn't affect
each other. However, when using lots of parallel jobs, it is possible an already taken
port will be assigned to kresd. These cases will be detected and result in skipped
Some tests are ommitted from automatic test collection by default, due to their
resource contraints. These typicially have to be executed separately by providing
the path to test file directly.
.. code-block:: bash
$ pytest-3
Developer notes
Typically, each test requires a setup of kresd, and a connected socket to run tests on.
The framework provides a few useful pytest fixtures to simplify this process:
- `kresd_sock` provides a connected socket to a test-specific, running kresd instance.
It expands to 4 values (tests) - IPv4 TCP, IPv6 TCP, IPv4 TLS, IPv6 TLS sockets
- `make_kresd_sock` is similar to `kresd_sock`, except it's a factory function that
produces a new connected socket (of the same type) on each call
- `kresd`, `kresd_tt`, `kresd_tt_expired` are all Kresd instances, already running
and initialized with config (with no / valid / expired TLS certificates)
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