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modules/view/README: mention v4-mapped-on-v6 syntax

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......@@ -53,6 +53,11 @@ Example configuration
-- Drop everything that hasn't matched
view:addr('', policy.all(policy.DROP))
.. note:: When using systemd socket activation, it's possible to bind to IPv6
socket that also handles IPv4 connections via v4-mapped-on-v6 addresses.
With this setup, using IPv4 syntax in ``view:addr()`` is currently not
supported. Instead, you can use the v4-mapped-on-v6 syntax, e.g.
``::ffff:`` instead of ````.
Rule order
......@@ -76,14 +81,14 @@ Properties
:param subnet: client subnet, i.e. ````
:param rule: added rule, i.e. ``policy.pattern(policy.DENY, '[0-9]+\2cz')``
Apply rule to clients in given subnet.
.. function:: view:tsig(key, rule)
:param key: client TSIG key domain name, i.e. ``\5mykey``
:param rule: added rule, i.e. ``policy.pattern(policy.DENY, '[0-9]+\2cz')``
Apply rule to clients with given TSIG key.
.. warning:: This just selects rule based on the key name, it doesn't verify the key or signature yet.
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