Commit ba2fa2bf authored by Marek Vavruša's avatar Marek Vavruša

daemon/lua: packet gets :tc([val]) for TC bit

parent 84d79c48
......@@ -155,6 +155,8 @@ int kr_pkt_put(knot_pkt_t *pkt, const knot_dname_t *name, uint32_t ttl,
-- Metatype for packet
local bor = bit.bor
local band =
local knot_pkt_t = ffi.typeof('knot_pkt_t')
ffi.metatype( knot_pkt_t, {
__index = {
......@@ -162,10 +164,12 @@ ffi.metatype( knot_pkt_t, {
qclass = function(pkt) return knot.knot_pkt_qclass(pkt) end,
qtype = function(pkt) return knot.knot_pkt_qtype(pkt) end,
rcode = function (pkt, val)
if val then
pkt.wire[3] = bit.bor([3], 0xf0), val)
return[3], 0x0f)
pkt.wire[3] = (val) and bor(band(pkt.wire[3], 0xf0), val) or pkt.wire[3]
return band(pkt.wire[3], 0x0f)
tc = function (pkt, val)
pkt.wire[2] = bor(pkt.wire[2], (val) and 0x02 or 0x00)
return band(pkt.wire[2], 0x02)
begin = function (pkt, section) return knot.knot_pkt_begin(pkt, section) end,
put = function (pkt, owner, ttl, rclass, rtype, rdata)
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