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Merge !192: doc build nitpicks

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......@@ -33,8 +33,9 @@ The following is a list of software required to build Knot DNS Resolver from sou
:header: "Requirement", "Required by", "Notes"
"`GNU Make`_ 3.80+", "*all*", "*(build only)*"
"`pkg-config`_", "*all*", "*(build only)* [#]_"
"C compiler", "*all*", "*(build only)* [#]_"
"`pkg-config`_", "*all*", "*(build only)* [#]_"
"hexdump or xxd", "``daemon``", "*(build only)*"
"libknot_ 2.1+", "*all*", "Knot DNS library (requires autotools, GnuTLS and Jansson)."
"LuaJIT_ 2.0+", "``daemon``", "Embedded scripting language."
"libuv_ 1.7+", "``daemon``", "Multiplatform I/O and services (libuv_ 1.0 with limitations [#]_)."
......@@ -52,7 +53,7 @@ There are also *optional* packages that enable specific functionality in Knot DN
"Go_ 1.5+", "``modules``", "Build modules written in Go."
"cmocka_", "``unit tests``", "Unit testing framework."
"Doxygen_", "``documentation``", "Generating API documentation."
"Sphinx_", "``documentation``", "Building this HTML/PDF documentation."
"Sphinx_ and sphinx_rtd_theme_", "``documentation``", "Building this HTML/PDF documentation."
"breathe_", "``documentation``", "Exposing Doxygen API doc to Sphinx."
"libsystemd_", "``daemon``", "Systemd socket activation support."
......@@ -276,6 +277,7 @@ You can hack on the container by changing the container entrypoint to shell like
.. _Doxygen:
.. _breathe:
.. _Sphinx:
.. _sphinx_rtd_theme:
.. _GNU Make:
.. _pkg-config:
.. _libknot:
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