Commit a5c4724d authored by Ondřej Surý's avatar Ondřej Surý

Update the moduledir documentation

parent 2f81b111
......@@ -380,7 +380,15 @@ Environment
hostname. If called without a parameter, it will return kresd's
internal hostname, or the system's POSIX hostname (see
gethostname(2)) if kresd's internal hostname is unset.
.. function:: moduledir([dir])
:return: Modules directory.
If called with a parameter, it will change kresd's directory for
looking up the dynamic modules. If called without a parameter, it
will return kresd's modules directory.
.. function:: verbose(true | false)
:return: Toggle verbose logging.
......@@ -175,11 +175,11 @@ All paths are prefixed with ``PREFIX`` variable by default if not specified othe
"library", "``LIBDIR``", "``$(PREFIX)/lib``", "pkg-config is auto-generated [#]_"
"daemon", "``SBINDIR``", "``$(PREFIX)/sbin``", ""
"configuration", "``ETCDIR``", "``$(PREFIX)/etc/kresd``", "Configuration file, templates."
"modules", "``MODULEDIR``", "``$(LIBDIR)/kdns_modules``", "[#]_"
"modules", "``MODULEDIR``", "``$(LIBDIR)/kdns_modules``", "Runtime directory for loading dynamic modules [#]_."
"work directory", "", "``$(PREFIX)/var/run/kresd``", "Run directory for daemon."
.. [#] The ``libkres.pc`` is installed in ``$(LIBDIR)/pkgconfig``.
.. [#] Users may install additional modules in ``~/.local/lib/kdns_modules`` or in the rundir of a specific instance.
.. [#] The default moduledir can be changed with `-m` option to `kresd` daemon or by calling `moduledir()` function from lua.
.. note:: Each module is self-contained and may install additional bundled files within ``$(MODULEDIR)/$(modulename)``. These files should be read-only, non-executable.
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