Verified Commit 9a330b9a authored by Petr Špaček's avatar Petr Špaček Committed by Vladimír Čunát

sandbox: fix missing default class in resolve() function

Regression in 19ef77d1 (unreleased): Default value IN for qclass
parameter was missing.  Also consistently use A as default for qtype.
parent 89bc4d30
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......@@ -60,12 +60,14 @@ worker.resolve = function (qname, qtype, qclass, options, finish, init)
if type(qname) == 'table' then
local t = qname
qname =
qtype = t.type or kres.type.A
qclass = t.class or kres.class.IN
qtype = t.type
qclass = t.class
options = t.options
finish = t.finish
init = t.init
qtype = qtype or kres.type.A
qclass = qclass or kres.class.IN
options = kres.mk_qflags(options)
-- LATER: nicer errors for rubbish in qname, qtype, qclass?
local pkt = ffi.C.worker_resolve_mk_pkt(qname, qtype, qclass, options)
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