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config docs: add examples to mode()

Improved by comments from Petr.
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......@@ -393,11 +393,16 @@ Environment
by DNSSEC, some of the strict checking actions are counter-productive.
.. csv-table::
:header: "Action", "Modes"
:header: "Glue type", "Modes when it is accepted", "Example glue [#example_glue]_"
"Use mandatory glue", "strict, normal, permissive"
"Use in-bailiwick glue", "normal, permissive"
"Use any glue records", "permissive"
"mandatory glue", "strict, normal, permissive", ""
"in-bailiwick glue", "normal, permissive", ""
"any glue records", "permissive", ""
.. [#example_glue] The examples show glue records acceptable from servers
authoritative for `org` zone when delegating to `` zone.
Unacceptable or missing glue records trigger resolution of names listed
in NS records before following respective delegation.
.. function:: reorder_RR([true | false])
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