Commit 66829940 authored by Tomas Krizek's avatar Tomas Krizek

pytests: import test_prefix_cuts_message (test5)

parent 6a51cb37
......@@ -90,3 +90,31 @@ def test_prefix_longer_than_message(kresd_sock):
assert False, "kresd didn't close the connection"
def test_prefix_cuts_message(kresd_sock):
Test prefixes message by value, which is greater than the
length of DNS message header but less than length of the whole DNS message
and sequentially sends it over TCP connection.
Expected: TCP connection must be closed after approx. 13 seconds after establishing.
13 s is a sum of two timeouts
1) 3 seconds is a result of TCP_DEFER_ACCEPT server socket option
2) 10 second is a default kresd idle timeout for tcp connection (net.tcp_in_idle())
msg = dns.message.make_query('localhost.', dns.rdatatype.A, dns.rdataclass.IN)
data = msg.to_wire()
datalen = 14 # DNS Header size plus 2
assert datalen < len(data)
buf = struct.pack("!H", datalen) + data
for _ in range(15):
except BrokenPipeError:
assert False, "kresd didn't close the connection"
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