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doc for resolve(): fix some problems (outdated parts)

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......@@ -318,13 +318,14 @@ Environment
> user('root')
Operation not permitted
.. function:: resolve(name, type[, class = kres.class.IN, options = {}, finish = nil])
.. function:: resolve(name, type[, class = kres.class.IN, options = {}, finish = nil, init = nil])
:param string name: Query name (e.g. 'com.')
:param number type: Query type (e.g. ``kres.type.NS``)
:param number class: Query class *(optional)* (e.g. ``kres.class.IN``)
:param number options: Resolution options (see query flags)
:param strings options: Resolution options (see :c:type:`kr_qflags`)
:param function finish: Callback to be executed when resolution completes (e.g. `function cb (pkt, req) end`). The callback gets a packet containing the final answer and doesn't have to return anything.
:param function init: Callback to be executed with the :c:type:`kr_request` before resolution starts.
:return: boolean
The function can also be executed with a table of arguments instead. This is useful if you'd like to skip some arguments, for example:
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