Commit 3315894d authored by Tomas Krizek's avatar Tomas Krizek

pytests: import utils

parent 91ccb785
import struct
import random
import dns
def random_msgid():
return random.randint(1, 65535)
def receive_answer(sock):
answer_total_len = 0
data = sock.recv(2)
if not data:
return None
answer_total_len = struct.unpack_from("!H", data)[0]
answer_received_len = 0
data_answer = b''
while answer_received_len < answer_total_len:
data_chunk = sock.recv(2048)
if not data_chunk:
return None
data_answer = data_answer + data_chunk
answer_received_len = answer_received_len + len(data_answer)
return data_answer
def receive_parse_answer(sock):
data_answer = receive_answer(sock)
if data_answer is None:
raise RuntimeError("Kresd closed connection")
msg_answer = dns.message.from_wire(data_answer, one_rr_per_rrset=True)
return msg_answer
def get_msgbuf(qname, qtype, msgid):
msg = dns.message.make_query(qname, qtype, dns.rdataclass.IN) = msgid
data = msg.to_wire()
datalen = len(data)
buf = struct.pack("!H", datalen) + data
return buf
def get_garbage(length):
return bytearray(random.getrandbits(8) for _ in range(length))
def get_prefixed_garbage(length):
data = get_garbage(length)
datalen = len(data)
buf = struct.pack("!H", datalen) + data
return buf
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