Commit 22a1c3cb authored by Grigorii Demidov's avatar Grigorii Demidov Committed by Petr Špaček

daemon/worker: fix misplaced timer stop

fixup! 8ea37cc3 daemon/worker: robustness against the slow-lorris attack
parent ab7038ca
......@@ -2301,8 +2301,8 @@ int worker_process_tcp(struct worker_ctx *worker, uv_stream_t *handle,
if (session->outgoing) {
/* To prevent slow lorris attack restart watchdog only after
* the whole message was successfully assembled and parsed */
if (session->tasks.len > 0 || session->waiting.len > 0) {
timer_start(session, on_tcp_watchdog_timeout, MAX_TCP_INACTIVITY, 0);
} else {
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