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......@@ -866,9 +866,22 @@ daemons or manipulated from other processes, making for example synchronised loa
.. function:: cache.clear([name], [exact_name], [rr_type], [chunk_size], [callback])
Purge cache records.
Purge cache records matching specified criteria. There are two specifics:
:return: ``bool`` (success of removing all in one go)
* To reliably remove **negative** cache entries you need to clear subtree with the whole zone. E.g. to clear negative cache entries for (formerly non-existing) record ` A` you need to flush whole subtree starting at zone apex, e.g. `` [#]_.
* This operation is an asynchonous and might not be yet finished when call to ``cache.clear()`` function returns. Result is indicated return value. You can use custom callback to wait for operation to finish.
:rtype: table
:return: ``count`` field is always present, other fields are optional.
=========== ===========
Key Description
=========== ===========
count number of items removed from cache by this call
not_apex indicates that cleared subtree is not cached as zone apex; proofs of non-existence were not removed
subtree hint where zone apex lies (this is guess from cache content, might not be accurate)
chunk_limit indicates that more than ``chunk_size`` needs to be cleared, clearing will continue in callback
=========== ===========
:param string name: if the name isn't provided, whole cache is purged
(and any other parameters are disregarded).
......@@ -902,6 +915,7 @@ daemons or manipulated from other processes, making for example synchronised loa
(which are used for aggressive non-existence proofs)
will be removed only for zones whose **apex** is at or below the specified name.
.. [#] This is a consequence of DNSSEC negative cache which relies on proofs of non-existence on various owner nodes. It is impossible to efficiently flush part of DNS zones signed with NSEC3.
Timers and events
......@@ -226,6 +226,8 @@ cache.clear = function (name, exact_name, rr_type, chunk_size, callback)
event.after(1, function ()
cache.clear(cbname, cbexact_name, cbrr_type, cbchunk_size, cbself)
log('[cache] asynchonous clear finished: ' .. table_print(cberrors))
return cberrors
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