Commit 0b748e0e authored by Vladimír Čunát's avatar Vladimír Čunát

dns64: improve with policy.FORWARD or .STUB

Clearing the query flags lead to kresd iterating over authoritative
servers.  Related:

Note that validation of synthesised AAAA behind a CNAME doesn't work
when policy.FORWARD + dns64.  Example:
policy.STUB + dns64 seems not to work at all.
parent 41b2544a
......@@ -53,8 +53,11 @@ mod.layer = {
else -- Observe AAAA NODATA responses
local is_nodata = (pkt:rcode() == kres.rcode.NOERROR) and (#answer == 0)
if pkt:qtype() == kres.type.AAAA and is_nodata and pkt:qname() == qry:name() and qry:final() then
local next = req:push(pkt:qname(), kres.type.A, kres.class.IN, 0, qry)
next.flags =, kres.query.DNSSEC_WANT) + kres.query.AWAIT_CUT + MARK_DNS64
local extraFlags = bit.bor(, kres.query.DNSSEC_WANT),
bit.bor(MARK_DNS64, kres.query.AWAIT_CUT)
local next = req:push(pkt:qname(), kres.type.A, kres.class.IN, extraFlags, qry)
return state
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