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* As of now, there is no authenticated denial of nonexistence (neither
NSEC or NSEC3 is supported) nor DNSSEC signed records. However,
since the module is hooked in the query processing plan, it will be
possible to do online signing in the future.
``dnsproxy`` – Tiny DNS proxy
......@@ -849,3 +841,119 @@ Here is an example on how to use the module:
.. code-block:: console
$ kdig @ A
``online-sign`` - Online DNSSEC signing
The module provides online DNSSEC signing. Instead of pre-computing the zone
signatures when the zone is loaded into the server or instead of loading an
externally signed zone, the signatures are computed on-the-fly during
The main purpose of the module is to enable authenticated responses with
zones which use other dynamic module (e.g., automatic reverse record
synthesis) because these zones cannot be pre-signed. However, it can be also
used as a simple signing solution for zones with low traffic and also as
a protection against zone content enumeration (zone walking).
In order to minimize the number of computed signatures per query, the module
produces a bit different responses from the responses that would be sent if
the zone was pre-signed. Still, the responses should be perfectly valid for
a DNSSEC validating resolver.
Differences from statically signed zones:
* The NSEC records are constructed as Minimally Covering NSEC Records
(see Appendix A in :rfc:`7129`). Therefore the generated domain names cover
the complete domain name space in the zone's authority.
* NXDOMAIN responses are promoted to NODATA responses. The module proves
that the query type does not exist rather than that the domain name does not
* Domain names matching a wildcard are expanded. The module pretends and proves
that the domain name exists rather than proving a presence of the wild card.
Records synthesized by the module:
* DNSKEY record is synthesized in the zone apex and includes public key
material for the active signing key.
* NSEC records are synthesized as needed.
* RRSIG records are synthesized for authoritative content of the zone.
How to use the online signing module:
* First add the zone into the server's KASP database and generate a key to be
used for signing:
.. code-block:: console
$ cd /path/to/kasp
$ keymgr zone add
$ keymgr zone key generate algorithm ecdsap256sha256 size 256
* Enable the module in server configuration and hook it to the zone::
- id: default
- domain:
module: mod-online-sign/default
dnssec-signing: false
* Make sure the zone is not signed and also that the automatic signing is
disabled. All is set, you are good to go. Reload (or start) the server:
.. code-block:: console
$ knotc reload
The following example stacks the online signing with reverse record synthesis
- id: default
- id: lan-forward
type: forward
prefix: ip-
ttl: 1200
- id: default
dnssec-signing: false
- domain:
module: mod-synth-record/lan-forward
module: mod-online-sign/default
Known issues:
* The delegations are not signed correctly.
* Some CNAME records are not signed correctly.
* Only a Single-Type Signing scheme is supported.
* Only one active signing key can be used.
* Key rollover is not possible.
* The NSEC records may differ for one domain name if queried for different
types. This is an implementation shortcoming as the dynamic modules
cooperate loosely. Possible synthesis of a type by other module cannot
be predicted. This dissimilarity should not affect response validation,
even with validators performing `aggressive negative caching
* The NSEC proofs will work well with other dynamic modules only if the
modules synthesize only A and AAAA records. If synthesis of other type
is required, please, report this information to Knot DNS developers.
......@@ -914,6 +914,20 @@ A module identifier.
A path to the directory where the database is stored.
The module provides online DNSSEC signing.
.ft C
\- id: STR
.ft P
CZ.NIC Labs <>
......@@ -1078,3 +1078,13 @@ dbdir
A path to the directory where the database is stored.
Module online-sign
The module provides online DNSSEC signing.
- id: STR
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