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......@@ -470,8 +470,40 @@ Limitations
since the module is hooked in the query processing plan, it will be
possible to do online signing in the future.
``dnsproxy`` - Tiny DNS proxy
The module catches all unsatisfied queries and forwards them to the configured server for resolution,
i.e. a tiny DNS proxy. This can be useful to several things:
* A substitute public-facing server in front of the real one
* Local zones (poor man's "views"), rest is forwarded to the public-facing server
* etc.
The configuration is straightforward and just accepts a single IP address (either IPv4 or IPv6).
*Note: The module does not alter the query/response as the resolver would do, also the original
transport protocol is kept.*
Example configuration::
$ vim knot.conf
zones { {}
query_module {
dnsproxy "";
Now when the clients query for anything in the ````, it will be answered locally.
Rest of the requests will be forwarded to the specified server (```` in this case).
``rosedb`` - Static resource records
The module provides a mean to override responses for certain queries before the record is searched in
the available zones. The modules comes with a tool ``rosedb_tool`` to manipulate with the database
* \file synth_record.h
* \file dnsproxy.h
* \author Marek Vavrusa <>
* \brief Synthetic records module
* \brief DNS proxy module
* Accepted configurations:
* * "forward <prefix> <ttl> <address>/<netblock>"
* * "reverse <prefix> <zone> <ttl> <address>/<netblock>"
* * "<address>"
* Module synthetises forward/reverse records based on a template when
* the queried record can't be found in the zone contents.
* Module forwards all unsatisfied queries to the specified server in
* order to solve them, and then sends the response back, i.e. a tiny
* DNS proxy.
* \addtogroup query_processing
* @{
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