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doc: update explanation on master server failover

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......@@ -133,10 +133,10 @@ If the zone file doesn't exist it will be bootstrapped over AXFR::
acl: notify_from_master
Note that the :ref:`zone_master` option accepts a list of multiple remotes.
The first remote in the list is used as the primary master, and the rest is used
for failover if the connection with the primary master fails.
The list is rotated in this case, and a new primary is elected.
The preference list is reset on the configuration reload.
The remotes should be listed according to their preference. The first remote
has the highest preference, the other remotes are used for failover. When the
server receives a zone update notification from a listed remote, that remote
will be the most preferred one for the subsequent transfer.
To use TSIG for transfers and notification messages authentication, configure
a TSIG key and assign the key both to the remote and the ACL rule. Notice that
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