Commit f574d01f authored by Libor Peltan's avatar Libor Peltan Committed by Daniel Salzman

trie: another bugfix

parent 44eca129
......@@ -772,13 +772,20 @@ static int ns_next_leaf(nstack_t *ns, const bool skip_pefixed)
static int ns_prefix(nstack_t *ns)
assert(ns && ns->len > 0);
// Simply walk up the trie until we find a BMP_NOBYTE child (our result).
const node_t *start = ns->stack[ns->len - 1];
// Walk up the trie until we find a BMP_NOBYTE child.
while (--ns->len > 0) {
node_t *p = ns->stack[ns->len - 1];
if (hastwig(p, BMP_NOBYTE)) {
ns->stack[ns->len++] = twig(p, 0);
return KNOT_EOK;
if (!hastwig(p, BMP_NOBYTE))
node_t *end = twig(p, 0);
// In case we started in a BMP_NOBYTE leaf, the first step up
// did NOT shorten the key and we would get back into the same
// node again.
if (end == start)
ns->stack[ns->len++] = end;
return KNOT_EOK;
return KNOT_ENOENT; // not found, as no more parent is available
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