Commit e2e5e480 authored by Jan Včelák's avatar Jan Včelák 🚀

new patch release, bump version, update changelog

parent 423c1ec3
Knot DNS 2.1.0-dev (TBD)
Knot DNS 2.0.1 (2015-09-02)
- Enable journald logging only when running under systemd
- Fix memory leak in configuration on server shutdown
- Do not reload expired zones on 'knotc reload' and server startup
- Fix rare race-condition in event scheduling causing delayed event execution
- Fix skipping of non-authoritative nodes in NSEC proofs
- Fix TC flag setting in RRL slipped answers
- Disable domain name compression for root label
- Log via journald only when running under systemd
- Fix CNAME following when quering for NSEC RR type
- Fix refreshing of DNSSEC signatures for zone keys
- Fix binding an unavailable IPv6 address on Linux (IP_FREEBIND)
- Fix infinite loop in knotc zonestatus and memstats
- Fix memory leak in configuration on server shutdown
- Fix broken dnsproxy module
- Fix DNSSEC KASP timestamps parsing in strict POSIX environment
- fix multi value parsing on big-endian
- Adapt to Nettle 3 API break causing base64 decoding failures on big-endian
- Send minimal responses (remove NS from Authority section for NOERROR)
- Add 'keymgr zone key ds' to show key's DS record
- Add 'keymgr tsig generate' to generate TSIG keys
- Add query module scoping to process either all queries or zone queries only
- Add support for file name globbing in config file includes
- Add 'request-edns-option' config option to add custom EDNS0 option into
server initiated queries
- Send minimal responses (remove NS from Authority section for NOERROR)
- Update persistent timers only on shutdown for better performance
- Allow change of RR TTL over DDNS
- Documentation fixes, updates, and improvements in formatting
- Install yparser and zscanner header files
- Improve lookup of libsystemd build dependencies
- Fix compilation warnings in endian conversion functions on OpenBSD
Knot DNS 2.0.0 (2015-06-26)
# -*- Autoconf -*-
AC_INIT([knot], [2.1.0-dev], [])
AC_INIT([knot], [2.0.1], [])
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([gnits subdir-objects no-dist-gzip dist-xz -Wall -Werror])
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