Commit e2c51b4a authored by Jan Kadlec's avatar Jan Kadlec

Coverity fixes

cov: 1038957, 1038955
parent d355965c
......@@ -151,12 +151,14 @@ static size_t rdata_memsize(zone_estim_t *est, const scanner_t *scanner)
static void rrset_memsize(zone_estim_t *est, const scanner_t *scanner)
const rdata_descriptor_t *desc = get_rdata_descriptor(scanner->r_type);
// Handle RRSet's owner
knot_dname_t *owner = knot_dname_new_from_wire(scanner->r_owner,
if (owner == NULL) {
dummy_node_t *n;
if (insert_dname_into_table(est->node_table, owner, &n) == 0) {
// First time we see this name == new node
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