Commit e2024780 authored by Daniel Salzman's avatar Daniel Salzman

load: mute unchecked return from snprintf

parent 08c674bd
......@@ -264,10 +264,10 @@ int event_load(conf_t *conf, zone_t *zone)
char old_serial_str[11] = "none", new_serial_str[15] = "";
if (old_contents_exist) {
old_serial = zone_contents_serial(zone->contents);
snprintf(old_serial_str, sizeof(old_serial_str), "%u", old_serial);
(void)snprintf(old_serial_str, sizeof(old_serial_str), "%u", old_serial);
if (new_serial != middle_serial) {
snprintf(new_serial_str, sizeof(new_serial_str), " -> %u", new_serial);
(void)snprintf(new_serial_str, sizeof(new_serial_str), " -> %u", new_serial);
// Commit zone_update back to zone (including journal update, rcu,...).
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