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update manual pages

parent 48f546ca
......@@ -251,7 +251,6 @@ DNSKEY algorithm number or IANA mnemonic.
\fBdnskey\-ttl\fP \fIseconds\fP
TTL value for DNSKEY records.
\fBNote\fP, the value is temporarily overridden by the SOA TTL.
\fBksk\-size\fP \fIbits\fP
Size of the KSK.
......@@ -270,8 +269,15 @@ Period before signature expiration when the signature will be refreshed.
\fBnsec3\fP \fIenable\fP
Specifies if NSEC3 will be used instead of NSEC.
\fBNote\fP, currently unused (the setting is derived from NSEC3PARAM presence
in the zone).
\fBnsec3\-iterations\fP \fIiterations\fP
Specifies the number of additional iterations in NSEC3 computation.
\fBnsec3\-salt\-length\fP \fIbytes\fP
Specifies salt length for NSEC3 computation.
\fBnsec3\-salt\-lifetime\fP \fIseconds\fP
Period after which a new NSEC3 salt is generated.
\fBsoa\-min\-ttl\fP \fIseconds\fP
SOA Minimum TTL field.
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