Commit affcf20a authored by Daniel Salzman's avatar Daniel Salzman

Merge branch 'journal-revert-commit' into 'master'

Revert "journal: handling errors at getting LMDB usage"

See merge request !795
parents cf3dddd4 c85825e0
......@@ -1274,15 +1274,6 @@ static int store_changesets(journal_t *j, list_t *changesets)
// PART 2 : recalculating the previous insert's occupy change
md_get_common_last_occupied(txn, &occupied_last);
if (occupied_now == 0) {
// This shall not happen. We just handle it to minimize damage in case it would. Not 100% correct.
uint64_t tz_occupied;
md_get(txn, j->zone, MDKEY_PERZONE_OCCUPIED, &tz_occupied);
tz_occupied += serialized_size_total;
occupied_last += serialized_size_total;
md_set(txn, NULL, MDKEY_GLOBAL_LAST_TOTAL_OCCUPIED, occupied_last);
md_set(txn, j->zone, MDKEY_PERZONE_OCCUPIED, tz_occupied);
} else {
md_set(txn, NULL, MDKEY_GLOBAL_LAST_TOTAL_OCCUPIED, occupied_now);
if (occupied_now != occupied_last) {
knot_dname_t *last_zone = NULL;
......@@ -1297,7 +1288,6 @@ static int store_changesets(journal_t *j, list_t *changesets)
md_set_common_last_inserter_zone(txn, j->zone);
// PART 3a : delete all if inserting bootstrap changeset
if (inserting_bootstrap) {
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