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......@@ -46,20 +46,6 @@ When compiled, the following executables are created (in the src/ directory):
- \em unittests - Unit tests for the server and dnslib
- \em unittests-zcompile - Unit tests for the zone compiler
<h3>Manual approach</h3>
1. Compile zones
$ src/knot-zcompile -o samples/
$ src/knot-zcompile -o other-zone.db
2. Run the server with the compiled zones (use -d to run as a daemon)
$ src/knotd other-zone.db
<h3>Using knotc</h3>
1. Add path to knotd and knot-zcompile executables to PATH
2. Prepare a configuration file. You may copy and edit the one provided with
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