Commit 95e23743 authored by Ondřej Surý's avatar Ondřej Surý

Update NEWS for 2.4.0-dev

parent 0fd81815
Knot DNS 2.4.0-dev (unreleased)
- Schedule zone refresh after load only if not already scheduled
- Purge the timers together with zone-purge
- Don't preserve CD flag in the answers
- Fix incorrect type bitmap in NSEC
- Dump DNSSEC related records also if DNSSEC is not active
- Preserve bootstrap_retry interval after zone reload
- Don't set SO_REUSEPORT on the TCP socket as SO_REUSEPORT on TCP
is buggy
- Allow deleting non-apex DNSKEY and NSEC3PARAM records via DDNS
- Lower memory consumption when used with many zones due hat-trie
replacement with qp-trie in zone-tree
- Improve the event scheduler
- Store the XFER timer between restarts
- Print all zone names in the FQDN format
- Improve and simplify modules interface
- New unified LMDB-based zone journal
- Add kjournalprint utility
- New mod-stats module for detailed server metrics
- Automatically delete retired DNSSEC keys
Knot DNS 2.3.1 (2016-10-07)
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