Commit 88058528 authored by Daniel Salzman's avatar Daniel Salzman

zone: add debug message for each failed remote address attempt

parent e82ede35
......@@ -545,11 +545,19 @@ int zone_master_try(conf_t *conf, zone_t *zone, zone_master_cb callback,
preferred.addr.ss_family = AF_UNSPEC;
int ret = callback(conf, zone, &master, callback_data);
if (ret == KNOT_EOK) {
success = true;
char addr_str[SOCKADDR_STRLEN] = { 0 };
sockaddr_tostr(addr_str, sizeof(addr_str),
(struct sockaddr *)&master.addr);
log_zone_debug(zone->name, "%s, remote %s, address %s, failed (%s)",
err_str, conf_str(&masters), addr_str,
if (!success) {
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