Commit 79730295 authored by Ondřej Surý's avatar Ondřej Surý

Add xmlto --with-dblatex and generate unchunked html output

parent abaf00f8
XML_SOURCES=knot.xml configuration.xml installation.xml introduction.xml knot.xml migration.xml reference.xml resources.xml security.xml troubleshooting.xml
all: knot.html
all: knot.html knot.pdf
knot.pdf: $(XML_SOURCES)
dblatex knot.xml
xmlto --with-dblatex --skip-validation pdf knot.xml
knot.html: $(XML_SOURCES)
xmlto --skip-validation html knot.xml
xmlto --skip-validation html-nochunks knot.xml
rm -f *.proc *.pdf *.html
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