Commit 6ef31038 authored by Daniel Salzman's avatar Daniel Salzman

tests-extra: add zone_backup command

parent 5094d238
...@@ -631,6 +631,14 @@ class Server(object): ...@@ -631,6 +631,14 @@ class Server(object):
return new_serials return new_serials
def zone_backup(self, zone, flush=False):
zone = zone_arg_check(zone)
if flush:
def zone_verify(self, zone): def zone_verify(self, zone):
zone = zone_arg_check(zone) zone = zone_arg_check(zone)
...@@ -933,8 +941,11 @@ class Knot(Server): ...@@ -933,8 +941,11 @@ class Knot(Server):
udp = super()._check_socket("udp", self.port) udp = super()._check_socket("udp", self.port)
return (tcp and udp) return (tcp and udp)
def flush(self): def flush(self, zone=None):
self.ctl("zone-flush") if zone:
self.ctl("zone-flush %s" %
time.sleep(Server.START_WAIT) time.sleep(Server.START_WAIT)
def key_gen(self, zone_name, **new_params): def key_gen(self, zone_name, **new_params):
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