Commit 66374ac5 authored by Daniel Salzman's avatar Daniel Salzman

man: update knsupdate compatibility

parent 1f8c9859
......@@ -79,8 +79,8 @@ Sets \fIname\fR as a default class for all updates. If not used, the default
class is \fIIN\fR.
.BI ttl \ value
Sets \fIvalue\fR as a default TTL (time to live) in seconds. If not used, the
default value is \fI0\fR.
Sets \fIvalue\fR as a default TTL (in seconds). If not used, the default
value is \fI0\fR.
.BI key \ name \ \fIkey\fR
Specifies TSIG key to authenticate the request. This command has the same
......@@ -132,9 +132,6 @@ Zone name/server guessing, if the zone name/server is not specified.
Empty line doesn't send an update.
Bind-like key format (\fBddns\-confgen\fR output) is not supported.
Command \fBadd\fR doesn't require \fIttl\fR item to be set. In such case,
the default ttl value is used.
.B Example 1. Add two records to the zone
.TP 0
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