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......@@ -470,12 +470,13 @@ Limitations
since the module is hooked in the query processing plan, it will be
possible to do online signing in the future.
``rose`` - Static resource records
``rosedb`` - Static resource records
The module provides a mean to override responses for certain queries before the record is searched in
the available zones. The modules comes with a tool ``rosedb_tool`` to manipulate with the database
of static records.
of static records. Neither the tool nor the module are enabled by default, recompile with the configure flag ``--enable-rosedb``
to enable them.
*Note: An entry in the database matches anything at or below it, i.e. '' matches '' as well.
This can be exploited to create a catch-all entries.*
......@@ -529,6 +530,8 @@ Here is an example on how to use the module:
$ knotd -c knot.conf
*Note: The module accepts just one parameter - path to the directory where the database will be stored.*
* Verify the running instance::
$ kdig @ A
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