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Added Doxygen configuration for zscanner

refs #2042 @1h
parent 9e9c034e
......@@ -51,3 +51,6 @@ m4/ltversion.m4
\defgroup server Server control module.
\defgroup threading Threading API.
\defgroup network Socket API.
\defgroup config Server configuration.
\defgroup query_processing DNS query processing.
\defgroup utils Utilities, constants and macros.
\defgroup debugging Server debugging API.
\defgroup logging Server logging API.
\defgroup statistics Statistics module (optional).
\defgroup server Server control module
\defgroup threading Threading API
\defgroup network Socket API
\defgroup config Server configuration
\defgroup query_processing DNS query processing
\defgroup utils Utilities, constants and macros
\defgroup debugging Server debugging API
\defgroup logging Server logging API
\defgroup statistics Statistics module (optional)
\defgroup libknot libknot - library of DNS-related functions
\defgroup hashing Hash table and functions.
\defgroup common_lib Common library.
\defgroup alloc Memory allocation.
\defgroup tests Unit tests.
\defgroup hashing Hash table and functions
\defgroup common_lib Common library
\defgroup alloc Memory allocation
\defgroup tests Unit tests
\defgroup zoneparser Zone compiler utility
\defgroup ctl Control utility
\defgroup zone-load-dump Zone loading and dumping
\defgroup xfr Zone transfers
\defgroup zone_scanner Zone scanner (core)
\defgroup zone_scanner_test Zone scanner testing environment
\mainpage Knot API documentation.
......@@ -76,6 +78,8 @@ $ make pdf
<h2>Zone processing</h2>
- \ref zoneparser
- \ref zone-load-dump
- \ref zone_scanner
- \ref zone_scanner_test
<h2>Common library</h2>
- \ref common_lib
......@@ -596,6 +596,7 @@ INPUT = src/common \
src/common \
src/knot \
src/zcompile \
src/zscanner \
# This tag can be used to specify the character encoding of the source files
- the new-line character is appended to each zone file before processing (for simplicity)
- the newline character is appended to each zone file during processing (for simplicity)
- the class IN is supported only (CLASS12345 notation is not supported too)
- domain names can contain alphanumeric, '-', '_' and '/' characters
- \x and \DDD notations are allowed in domain names and text strings only
......@@ -16,19 +16,20 @@
#include "zscanner/file_loader.h"
#include <inttypes.h> // PRIu64
#include <unistd.h> // sysconf
#include <stdio.h> // sprintf
#include <stdlib.h> // free
#include <stdbool.h> // bool
#include <string.h> // strlen
#include <fcntl.h> // open
#include <sys/stat.h> // fstat
#include <sys/mman.h> // mmap
#include "common/errcode.h" // error codes
#define BLOCK_SIZE 30000000 // In bytes.
#include <inttypes.h> // PRIu64
#include <unistd.h> // sysconf
#include <stdio.h> // sprintf
#include <stdlib.h> // free
#include <stdbool.h> // bool
#include <string.h> // strlen
#include <fcntl.h> // open
#include <sys/stat.h> // fstat
#include <sys/mman.h> // mmap
#include "common/errcode.h" // error codes
/*! \brief Mmap block size in bytes. */
#define BLOCK_SIZE 30000000
#define BLOCK_OVERLAPPING_SIZE 100000 // In bytes.
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@
* \brief Zone scanner test functions.
* \addtogroup zone_scanner
* \addtogroup zone_scanner_test
* @{
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