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......@@ -56,6 +56,7 @@ Remarkable module extensions:
* DNS request traffic statistics
* Dnstap traffic logging
* Online DNSSEC signing
* GeoIP response tailoring supporting ECS and DNSSEC
.. _mod-geoip:
``geoip`` —
``geoip`` — Geography-based responses
This module offers response tailoring based on client's
subnet or geographic location. It supports GeoIP databases
in the MaxMind DB format, such as `GeoIP2 <>`_
or the free version `GeoLite2 <>`_.
The module can be enabled only per zone.
.. NOTE::
If :ref:`EDNS Client Subnet<server_edns-client-subnet>` support is enabled
and if a query contains this option, the module takes advantage of this
information to provide a more accurate response.
DNSSEC support
There are two ways to enable DNSSEC signing of tailored responses.
If automatic DNSSEC signing is enabled, record signatures are precomputed when the module is loaded.
This has a speed benefit, however note that every RRset configured in the module should
have a **default** RRset of the same type contained in the zone, so that the NSEC(3)
chain can be built correctly. Also, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED to use manual key rollover in this setting,
as the module has to be reloaded when the signing key changes.
Alternatively, the :ref:`geoip<mod-geoip>` module may be combined with the :ref:`onlinesign<mod-onlinesign>` module
and the tailored responses can be signed on the fly. This approach is more computationally demanding for the server.
* An example configuration.::
- id: default
config-file: /path/to/geo.conf
ttl: 20
mode: geodb
geodb-file: /path/to/GeoLite2-City.mmdb
geodb-key: [ country/iso_code, city/names/en ]
- domain:
module: mod-geoip/default
Configuration file
Every instance of the module requires an additional :ref:`mod-geoip_config-file` in which the desired responses to queries from
various locations are configured. This file has the following simple format:
- geo|net: location1
- geo|net: location2
* Example :ref:`mod-geoip_config-file` for subnets
- net:
A: [, ]
AAAA: [ 2001:DB8::1, 2001:DB8::2 ]
TXT: "subnet"
- net: 2001:DB8::/32
AAAA: 2001:DB8::3
TXT: "subnet 2001:DB8::/32"
* Example :ref:`mod-geoip_config-file` for geographic locations
- geo: "CZ;Prague"
- geo: "US;Las Vegas"
- geo: "US;*"
Module reference
- id: STR
config-file: STR
ttl: TIME
mode: geodb | subnet
geodb-file: STR
geodb-key: STR ...
.. _mod-geoip_id:
......@@ -20,3 +120,67 @@ id
A module identifier.
.. _mod-geoip_config-file:
Full path to the response configuration file as described above.
.. _mod-geoip_ttl:
The time to live of Resource Records returned by the module.
*Default:* 60
.. _mod-geoip_mode:
The mode of operation of the module. When set to **subnet**, responses
are tailored according to subnets. When set to **geodb**, responses
are tailored according to geographic data retrieved from the configured
.. _mod-geoip_geodb-file:
Full path to a .mmdb file containing the GeoIP database.
*Reqired if* **mode** *is set to* **geodb**
.. _mod-geoip_geodb-key:
Multi-valued item, can be specified up to **8** times. Each **geodb-key** specifies
a path to a key in a node in the supplied GeoIP database. The module currently supports
two types of values: **string** or **32-bit unsigned int**. In the latter
case, the key has to be prefixed with **(id)**. Common choices of keys include:
* **continent/code**
* **country/iso_code**
* **(id)country/geoname_id**
* **city/names/en**
* **(id)city/geoname_id**
* **isp**
* ...
In the zone's config file for the module the values of the keys are entered in the same order
as the keys in the module's configuration, separated by a semicolon. Enter the value **"*"**
if the key is allowed to have any value.
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