Commit 466f5a62 authored by Filip Široký's avatar Filip Široký Committed by Daniel Salzman

refactor tests-extra ixfr diff logging to give reasonable output

parent 9fc5175a
......@@ -402,13 +402,17 @@ class Test(object):
detail_log("!Number of remove records:")
detail_log(" (%i) != (%i)" %
(len(self.removed), len(other.removed)))
for rem1, rem2 in zip(self.removed, other.removed):
if rem1 != rem2:
detail_log("!Different remove records:")
detail_log(" %s" % rem1)
detail_log(" %s" % rem2)
rec1 = ""
rec2 = ""
for rem1 in self.removed:
if rem1 not in other.removed:
rec1 += '\n\t' + rem1
for rem2 in other.removed:
if rem2 not in self.removed:
rec2 += '\n\t' + rem2
if rec1 != "" or rec2 != "":
detail_log("!Extra remove records self:%s" % rec1)
detail_log("!Extra remove records other:%s" % rec2)
if self.soa_new != other.soa_new:
......@@ -422,12 +426,17 @@ class Test(object):
detail_log(" (%i) != (%i)" %
(len(self.added), len(other.added)))
for add1, add2 in zip(self.added, other.added):
if add1 != add2:
detail_log("!Different add records:")
detail_log(" %s" % add1)
detail_log(" %s" % add2)
rec1 = ""
rec2 = ""
for add1 in self.added:
if add1 not in other.added:
rec1 += '\n\t' + add1
for add2 in other.added:
if add2 not in self.added:
rec2 += '\n\t' + add2
if rec1 != "" or rec2 != "":
detail_log("!Extra add records self:%s" % rec1)
detail_log("!Extra add records other:%s" % rec2)
def _ixfr_changes(self, server, zone, serial, udp):
soa = None
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