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doc: described the freeze-edit-thaw procedure

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......@@ -246,6 +246,31 @@ A full example of setting up a completely new zone from scratch::
$ knotc zone-set www 3600 A
$ knotc zone-commit
.. _Editing zonefile:
Safe reading and editing zone file
It's always possible to read and edit the zone contents via zone file manipulation.
However, it may lead to confusion if zone contents are continuously changing or
in case of operator's mistake. This paragraph describes a safe way to modify zone
by editing zone file, taking advantage of zone freeze/thaw feature.::
$ knotc zone-freeze
$ while ! knotc zone-status +freeze | grep -q 'freeze: yes'; do sleep 1; done
$ knotc zone-flush
After calling freeze to the zone, there still may be running zone operations (e.g. signing),
causing freeze pending. So we watch the zone status until frozen. Then we can flush the
frozen zone contents.
Now we open a text editor and perform desired changes to the zone file. It's necessary
to increase SOA serial in this step to keep consistency. Finaly, we can load the
modified zone file and if successful, thaw the zone.::
$ knotc zone-reload
$ knotc zone-thaw
.. _Journal behaviour:
Journal behaviour
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