Commit 3b56479e authored by Jan Včelák's avatar Jan Včelák 🚀

configure: do not require final release of OpenSSL

Red Hat ships patched version of OpenSSL in RHEL 6, which claims to be a
pre-release according to the header file. Let's be more benevolent and
require just some 1.0.0 version.
parent 51f3f443
......@@ -285,7 +285,7 @@ AS_IF([test "$with_openssl" = "no"],[
[#include <openssl/crypto.h>
#if (OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER >= 0x1000000fL)
#if (OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER >= 0x10000000L)
],[],[AC_MSG_ERROR([OpenSSL library version >= 1.0.0 is required.])]
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